Las Vegas tours and excursions

Las Vegas tours

Bus tours

Gray Line Las Vegas offers a five-and-a-half hour ‘Neon Lights Tour', an evening sightseeing excursion around Las Vegas. The tour starts at around 1830, and operates six days a week (not Saturdays). The tour includes a narrated guide to the Strip and various other renowned landmarks, including a visit to the Special Memory Wedding Chapel, and ends at the Fremont Laser Light Show, Downtown.

Telephone: +1 702 739 7777.
Helicopter Strip Tour

When evening falls and the neon carnival of the Strip reveals its full colours, there’s arguably no greater vantage point than from a helicopter performing a full circuit above the screens, rollercoasters and skyscrapers that make up Las Vegas’ heart. Numerous operators such as Papillon and Sundance Helicopters offer such trips, as well as longer journeys into the desert.

Telephone: +1 702 736 7243; +1 702 736 0606.

Excursions from Las Vegas

Grand Canyon

For the first-time visitor to the region, it’s near criminal to forgo a trip here. It is possible to reach the Grand Canyon in a full-day excursion from Las Vegas whether by land or air, including overnight stays and two-day hikes. The ‘Grand Canyon Deluxe' tour offers a narrated aerial tour of Lake Mead, the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon. Upon arrival at Grand Canyon airport, there is a coach tour through the Grand Canyon National Park, with plenty of stops for staring at the stunning scenery. Believe everything you’ve read – it’s a phenomenal sight.

Telephone: +1 928 638 7888.
Hoover Dam and Lake Mead

Located 56km (35 miles) south of Las Vegas, the Hoover Dam is one of the most famous dams in the world. One of America's many public works projects during the Depression, it is an unusually beautiful representative of the era's engineering. The dam stretches 380m (1,247ft) across the Colorado River, holding back the waters of Lake Mead. Constructed of a massive 2,486,250 cubic m (87,801,090 cubic ft) of concrete, its function is primarily a power generator, supplying electricity to Nevada as well as nearby California and Arizona.

Telephone: +1 702 494 2517.
Zion National Park

Just on the other side of the Nevada Utah border, 251km (156 miles) east of Las Vegas, is the spectacular Zion National Park Named by Mormon pioneers, who were awe-struck by the area's unique temple-like rock formation. Zion is a favourite location for hiking and wildlife viewing, and there are several hiking trails to explore. Less energetic visitors can experience the park by local shuttle. The Zion National Park can be reached in just over two hours from Las Vegas via Highway 15, to Utah SR-9 and Utah SR-17.

Telephone: +1 435 772 3256.
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