Things to do in Las Vegas

Jump out of plane

Join one of Skydive Las Vegas’ (tel: +1 702 759 3483; instructors on a tandem parachute jump for jaw-dropping views of Lake Mead, the Hoover Dam, the Colorado River and the Strip itself. You’ll be flown to 4,500m (15,000 ft), from where you’ll fling yourself out of the plane, freefall at 190kph (120 mph) for 50 to 60 seconds, then (hopefully) float back down to Earth.

Cycle Badger Pass

The Badger Pass Mountain Bike Loop is a medium difficulty, 4km (6-mile) loop at Cottonwood Valley. You’ll find a certain amount of tricky maneuvering and some moderate climbing, but nothing too extreme. You’re rewarded with some great views of the surrounding desert at Badger Pass. Speak to Las Vegas Cyclery (tel: +1 702 596 2953; to hire some wheels.

Explore the nature at Springs Preserve

The Springs Preserve (tel: +01 702 822 7700) has 45 hectares (110 acres) of native habitats and archaeological sites to explore yet it is just a Tootsie Roll’s throw from Downtown. You’ll fund butterfly and tortoise habits, museums and nature trails. Perfect for relaxation if the chaos of the Strip gets you down.

Pound the streets in Las Vegas’ art town

Las Vegas’ art district is called 18b ( and is a crisscross of art galleries, shops, restaurants, theatres and music venues. If you get down there on the first Friday of every month, between 1700 and 2300, you’ll find a mini arts festival where everywhere opens its doors to visitors and the streets become thronged with street performers and live music.

Walk among the ghosts of signs past

The neon signs that illuminate Las Vegas by night are a vital part of its heritage and the Neon Museum Boneyard (tel: +01 702 387 6366) seeks to preserve them into perpetuity. This two-acre location hosts such icons as the Hacienda Horse and Rider, and the Golden Nugget sign. If possible go after dark for the full LED effect.

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