Things to do in Zagreb

Spot a fake at the Mimara Museum

You’ll do more than a few double takes in the Mimara Museum (tel: +385 148 28100; Comprised of more than 4,000 Old Master artworks including Rembrandt, Caravaggio and Renoir, it’s not entirely clear whether the pieces amassed by collector Ante Topiċ Mimara are what they say they are.

Wander the artworks of Mirogoj Cemetery

The great and good are buried in suitably over-the-top style at Mirogoj Cemetery (tel: + 385 14 6 96 700; Effectively an open-air sculpture park, ivy-clad arcades and cupolas give a taste of what to expect; the tombs of Ivan Meštroviċ and Ivan Rendiċ are elaborate works of art.

Jump at the Lotrščak Tower cannon

Built to watch over the southern gate of the old town, Lotrščak Tower (tel: +385 1485 1768) is known for the almighty bang that goes off every day at noon, when a single cannon round is fired. As well as a shock, the 13th-century tower offers fantastic views of the city.

Chill out with the locals around Lake Jarun

Southwest of Donji grad is Zagreb’s ‘artificial sea’, which sprawls along for 2km (1.2 miles). An easy tram ride from the city centre, it is hugely popular in the summer months as people paddle around the rowing lake, relax on the shingle beach and chill out in the cafés.

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