Shopping in Venice

Shopping in Venice is an eclectic experience. As with most Italian cities, there are plenty of designer stores to choose from but Venice’s side streets are lined with an abundance of tourist shops selling porcelain carnival masks and other local gifts.

Key areas

Extending from the Piazza San Marco to the Rialto area, the Mercerie and Calle dei Fabbri are the main shopping streets while expensive clothing boutiques line the wide Calle Larga XXII Marzo. A good area for souvenir and gift shopping is the streets north of Campo Santo Stefano.

For fashion, twist and turn through San Marco and San Moisé, exploring Calle Vallaresso, Calle Larga XXII marzo and Campo San Luca. There are several lovely glass shops and wonderful handmade paper shops in the narrow streets near the Accademia gallery. Legatoria Piazzesi is a beautiful paper shop at Campiello della Feltrina, 30124. Vittorio Costantini is a glass-making shop at Calle del Fumo, 30121, in Cannaregio, specializing on works of art that were inspired by all kinds of animals.



The most popular market in Venice is the fish market, which is located alongside the Rialto Bridge. It is open Tuesday to Saturday 0800–1200.

Shopping centres

Santa Lucia train station has a range of shops, including as Muji, Nike and Tiger. There is also a department store called Coin, Cannaregio 5787, which sells women's, men's and children's clothes, and has beauty and homeware sections.

Opening hours

Shopping hours in Venice vary greatly, but larger shops generally open 0900–1900. Smaller shops often close in the afternoons and reopen in the evenings. Many food shops will close on Wednesday afternoons. Tourist shops tend to remain open most hours, with the occasional exception being Monday mornings.


Classic Venetian souvenirs include papier mâché Carnival masks, Murano glass trinkets (look for a sticker saying Vetro Artistico Murano if you want the real thing), handmade paper and notebooks, and lace from Burano Island. 

Souvenir shops are spread all over Venice. Gianno Basso, a one of its kind stationery shop, can be found at Calle del Fumo in Cannaregio. Gilberto Penzo will sell you your favourite model gondola at Calle Seconda dei Saoneri, 30125, in San Polo. If you have a craving for sweets, head to VizioVirtù, which is an exquisite chocolaterie at Calle Campaniel, 30125. Wear your souvenir from Venice around the neck and buy a necklace made from glass seed beads at Venetian Dreams at 3805a, calle della Mandola. Immerse yourself into the world of lace at Emilia, Piazza Galuppi 205.

Tax information

There is no tax-free shopping in Venice. Sales tax (VAT) is 22% and is included in the price of products.

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