Top events in Sao Paulo


Known as São Paulo International Film Festival in English, this event features around 300 titles at various cinemas, cultural centres and outdoor...


Prepare for high octane thrills and spills as the Formula 1 circus wends its way to São Paulo for the annual grand prix.


The carnival in São Paulo is made for samba enthusiasts as various groups come to compete for supremacy.

Sao Paulo skyline , Brazil
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Sao Paulo skyline , Brazil


Sao Paulo travel guide

São Paulo has a lot to brag about. Known for being Brazil's financial capital, the city has recently developed into a vibrant metropolis with an increasingly exciting nightlife, food and fashion scene.

Immigrants are the backbone of this city, as São Paulo boast the largest populations of Japanese and Italian descendants outside of their home countries, as well as sizeable Arab (namely Lebanese and Syrian), Chinese, Armenian, Lithuanian, Greek, Korean, Polish, and Hungarian populations. This diverse mix of nationalities breeds plenty of interesting restaurants, bars, theatres and museums. In a single day in the city, you can eat everything from sushi to pizza to mezze.

If there's one thing that Paulistanos know how to do well, it's how to have fun. The explosion in bars and clubs rivals the likes of London, New York and even Rio. Savour an eclectic mix of nightspots offering everything from sophisticated lounges to foot-tapping samba beats.

Planning a trip to São Paulo may seem challenging at first as there are no classic must-sees, but don't worry. There are ever-changing art exhibitions, a myriad of museums and gorgeous parklands woven into the city between scads of shops, malls and skyscrapers.

Pop into the neo-Gothic São Paulo Cathedral, with it's immense and spectacular dome. Or stroll around the historic Bom Retiro district rife with architectural gems. A trip to São Paulo won't involve checking attractions off your list one by one, instead, you'll have to slowly absorb the city as you find favourite local haunts. São Paulo doesn't have Rio's effervescent samba beat or sun soaked beaches, but it has a unique personality you won't find anywhere else in the world. This vast inland metropolis is bold, energetic and very much in a league of its own.

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