Getting around Moscow

Public transport

The easiest way to get around Moscow is using the efficient but often crowded Metro system (tel: +7 495 539 5454;, which has almost 190 stations. Entrances are marked by a large ‘M' and services leave regularly throughout the day. Stations often have multiple names - one for each line that intersects at that point. Buying a card for multiple trips affords a small discount. 

Moscow also has an extensive network of buses, trolleybuses and trams, run by Moscow City Transport ( These can be unpleasantly crowded during rush hour. Bilyeti (tickets) may be purchased from kiosks or directly from the driver at a slight premium. 

Smartcards are available for one, three or seven days' unlimited travel on the metro, buses, trolleybuses and trams.


Official taxis are yellow with a ‘T' sign. These have a sealed meter and a printed fare table on display, but drivers may insist on a negotiated fare. Tipping is not expected. Reliable taxi firms in Moscow include New Yellow Taxi (tel: +7 495 688 3399; and Taxi-Maxim (tel: +7 495 505 5555/+7 495 504 2222;

Moscow also has an extensive network of marshrutka (minibuses) that follow set routes and can be flagged down at bus stops.


Driving in Moscow is difficult and rush-hour traffic jams are common. Trumped-up fines requested by traffic police are another good reason to avoid driving in Moscow. For those that do, guarded car parks are safer as theft is common; many of the larger hotels offer this facility to non-guests.

Car hire

Car hire is expensive in Moscow. Some firms will only hire out cars with a driver. International firms represented in Moscow include Avis (tel: +7 495 981 1917; and Europcar ( Drivers must be at least 21 years old and have one year of driving experience.

Bicycle hire

Bicycle hire is available at some Moscow parks and through the city's bikeshare scheme, Velobike (tel: +7 495 966 4669;, which has 300 docking stations across the city.


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