Hangzhou tours and excursions

Hangzhou tours

Bicycle tours

Hangzhou Holidays Bike Co. organises regular group rides into the hills surrounding the city.

Website: www.hzbike.com
Boat tours

Most tours organised by the Hangzhou Tourism Commission are geared towards Chinese tourists, though the city's hotels provide a broad range of trips and excursions. The West Lake's centrality to Hangzhou's history and identity makes a cruise on its waters a ‘must do' experience. West Lake Boat Co. offers pleasure boat trips from two wharfs: at the south end of the Hubin Road esplanade, and at the north end of Hubin Lu near Changsheng Road. The one-hour cruise takes in the Xiaoyingzhou Island, Mid-Lake Pavilion and Yang Causeway.

Website: en.gotohz.com
Golf cart tours

Jumping on the West Lake Golf Cart Tour is a leisurely way to explore the myriad attractions fringing the West Lake. Simply wave it down and hop on.

Excursions from Hangzhou

Hangzhou Longjingshan Tea Cultrual Village

Located in the clear, crisp air of the Fenghuang Hills, Longjing Tea Cultural Village is the gateway to one of China's most revered tea plantations, Longjing (Dragon Well), which is home to 18 different ‘royal teas'. You can see tea being picked, processed and packaged. Tea tasting is also available. Tours to Longjing can be arranged through most hotels. Public bus Y3 also makes the trip from Beishan Lu, on the northern edge of West Lake.

The Grand Canal

The Wulin Water Bus takes you on a short trip along part of Grand Canal, the world's longest man-made waterway which stretches 1,794km (1,114 miles) from Beijing to Hangzhou and was originally built in the 5th century. Take bus K1 from Wulin Square station to West Gongchen station to catch the boat at Gongchen Bridge, Lishui Road.

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