Hamburg tours and excursions

Hamburg tours

Boat tours

Hamburg is aesthetically set around the two lakes - Binnenalster (Inner Alster) and Aussenalster (Outer Alster). Cruising the Aster Lake is an experience allowing you to view the city from a uniquely scenic perspective. One of the best boat trips is the Alster-Kreuz-Fahrten, which makes nine stops on its leisurely two-hour journey and where you can hopp on and hopp off wherever you like.

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Bus tours

Not only do the Hamburg double-decker bus tours take you to the most interesting parts of new and old Hamburg, but they also give you the freedom to see and do what you want, when you want, by allowing you to disembark at leisure and pick up the tour later at one of the many designated stop points en route. Tickets are valid for 24 hours.

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Excursions from Hamburg


One of the quaintest and most charming riverside villages, and a favourite spot for city-dwellers on weekend breaks. Perched on the north bank of the Elbe, its narrow, winding streets lined with beautifully preserved fishermen’s cottages lead down to a picturesque harbour. From Hamburg, Blankenese is just a 35-minute ride on bus 36 from Mönckebergstrasse or via the ferry service from St Pauli-Landungsbrucken.

Telephone: +49 40 4109 5330.

Located 60km (37 miles) northeast of Hamburg, with trains running half-hourly, Lübeck was head of the influential Hanseatic League controlling the highly lucrative Baltic Sea routes during the Middle Ages. Today, the city is a UNESCO World Heritage site, whose 16th-century Old Town, located on a central island, retains a unique architectural legacy as well as picture-perfect looks.

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