Restaurants in Bruges

There’s certainly no shortage of restaurants in Bruges, which makes it all the more baffling why the vast majority of them are so expensive. Granted diners can usually expect a quality meal for their euros, but those on a budget may get frustrated with the lack of sit-down options.

The Bruges restaurants below have been hand-picked by our guide author and are grouped into three pricing categories:
Expensive (over €50)
Moderate (€30 to €50)
Cheap (up to €30)

These Bruges restaurant prices are for an average three-course meal and a glass of house wine or cheapest equivalent per person; they include service charges and taxes but not tip.

Hertog Jan

Price: Expensive
Cuisine: International (French, Belgian, European)

This restaurant started out as informal but following the Gert and Joachim takeover in 2005, it made a rapid rise to the gastronomic top. Hertog Jan is impressively set in a serene and refined farm, with a motto it has had from its creation: “Simplicity is not easy.” Those who have the money to experience this restaurant will not be disappointed, evidenced by the fact that it is now among the best in the European avant-garde.


Address: Loppemsestraat 52, Zedelgem, Bruges, Belgium
Telephone: +32 50 673 446

Duc de Bourgogne

Price: Expensive
Cuisine: French

Admire one of the prettiest panoramas in Bruges while quaffing gourmet cuisine at this idyllic, canal-side restaurant. Overlooking one of the most famous waterways in Bruges, Duc de Bourgogne serves excellent French food in dated opulence. This charming restaurant is also popular for breakfast, lunch or an overpriced coffee.

Address: Huidenvettersplein 12, Bruges, Belgium
Telephone: +32 50 332 038.

Den Dyver

Price: Expensive
Cuisine: Belgian

This innovative eatery has been richly rewarded for its services to local gastronomy. In recent years, Den Dyver has scooped a string of awards for its creative Belgian cuisine, which is the brainchild of head chef Achim Vandenbussche. This culinary wizard uses beer in many of his dishes, which can be enjoyed in the understated splendour of the dining area.

Address: Dijver 5, Bruges, Belgium
Telephone: +32 50 336 069.


Price: Expensive
Cuisine: French, Belgian

This fusion restaurant blends French and Flemish flavours with exotic tastes to great effect. This culinary synthesis has quite rightly made Guillaume one of the most popular places to eat in Bruges. Not even the restaurant’s decor has escaped the fusion treatment; old wooden beams compliment the contemporary styling and hip vibe.

Address: Korte Lane 20, Bruges, Belgium
Telephone: +32 50 344 605.


Price: Moderate
Cuisine: International (French, Belgian, European)

This restaurant specialises in local organic food, with many vegetarian and vegan options on the menu, prepared in coconut oil. However, with these honest ingredients, Réliva does not only restrict itself to vegetarian and vegan options, but also offers a unique selection of fresh North Sea fish and organic meat. This unique restaurant offers something everyone will enjoy.


Address: Goezeputstraat 6, Bruges, Belgium
Telephone: +32 50 331 307

Zwart Huis

Price: Moderate
Cuisine: French, International

Just north of the Markt, the Zwart Huis (Black House) bistro is a buzzing joint with a romantic candlelit ambiance, which is at home serving both trysting couples and groups on a night out. The excellent food leans towards classic French steakhouse, but you’ll also find kangaroo and Thai curry on the menu. Live music some Sunday nights (usually jazz or blues) ups the party atmosphere a notch.

Address: Kuipersstraat 23, Bruges, Belgium
Telephone: +32 50 691 140.

Gruuthuse Hof

Price: Moderate
Cuisine: Belgian, French

One of the city’s oldest restaurants, this place has been satiating local hunger pangs for over 250 years. Sleek modern furnishings compliment the historic building, and the refined French-Belgian cuisine is no shirker either. Nestled among some of Bruges’s most important historical sights, on one of its prettiest streets, a table on the outdoor terrace is a must on a warm evening.

Address: Mariastraat 36, Bruges, Belgium
Telephone: +32 50 330 614.


Price: Moderate
Cuisine: Belgian

‘No nonsense cuisine at decent prices,’ claim the proprietors. And we can’t argue with that, because this stylish restaurant does a stellar job with its Flemish themed menu. Specialising in steamed mussels and eel dishes, the vaulted cellar of Mosselkelder offers a warm and romantic setting to spend an evening and the prices are surprisingly sensible.

Address: Huidenvettersplein 5, Bruges, Belgium
Telephone: +32 50 342 320.


Price: Cheap
Cuisine: International

This cracking little tavern near the Lake of Love takes on an oriental flavour its innovative menu. Curries and wok dishes join forces with some more traditional Flemish options, which are tasty and sensibly priced. If it’s sunny, grab a seat in their garden, which is a great spot to while away an afternoon sampling their extensive range of Belgium beers.

Address: Oostmeers 124, Bruges, Belgium
Telephone: +32 50 330 454.


Price: Cheap
Cuisine: Belgian

A 10-minute walk from the centre of Bruges you’ll find Ganzespel, a cosy, dimly lit, traditional style restaurant where diners can escape inflated tourist prices. The service can be lacklustre, and if you have a table near the kitchen you’ll probably hear the disconcerting sound of a microwave pinging, but there’s no faulting the honest prices.

Address: Ganzenstraat 37, Bruges, Belgium
Telephone: +32 50 331 233.


Price: Cheap
Cuisine: Italian

Cheap restaurants in Bruges are rarer than rocking horse manure and even those on generous budgets can become weary of the pricy dining experience. So Bocca is a breath of fresh air. This jovial eatery and takeaway sells some of, if not the cheapest food in town. However, the price is not reflective on quality; their range of pasta dishes are delicious.

Address: Dweersstraat 13, Bruges, Belgium
Telephone: +32 50 616 175.
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