Windsurfing is a breeze on the island of Sal, Cape Verde

If April showers are dampening your spirit, make a great escape to one of these sunny destinations. Whether you prefer lazing in sunny Corsica or partying until dawn in Tel Aviv, make May a memorable month for travel.

For the sports enthusiast….

Short haul: Cape Verde

A captivating blend of Portuguese and African influence, the 10 islands which make up Cape Verde are relatively unknown to many holidaymakers. But the former slave trade outpost in the Atlantic Ocean offers incredible diversity ranging from spectacular verdant mountain ranges to deserted, talcum-white beaches. It’s this variety that makes Cape Verde such an unusual and appealing destination.

For sports-lovers, there is much on offer. In Santiago, the biggest of the Cape Verde islands, hikers can enjoy jungle treks or dive amid 16th century shipwrecks littered across the ocean floor. Windsurfing and sailing are popular on the island of Sal, while Fogo’s volcanic peaks offer dramatic trekking terrain.

Long haul: South Korea

If you have an appetite for golf and luxury, look no further than South Korea. The mountainous country boasts more than 200 golf courses, some of which are booked months in advance because they are so in demand. Some of these clubs boast up to a six-digit membership fee – the most notorious being Haesley Nine Bridges, located on Jeju Island. Soak in your surroundings of creeks, trees, stone walls, meadows and deep bunkers while you conquer the 18 holes on the course. In South Korea, May marks the last month of spring – which means cherry blossoms and mild temperatures, perfect for spending time outdoors. Or, if everything is booked up, visit one of the many thousands of “screen golf” cafés - which are quite popular among locals - where you can play virtual golf using simulators.

For the party animal….

Short haul: Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv at nightDance until dawn in the party mecca of Tel Aviv
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There is no such thing as a quiet night in the bustling city of Tel Aviv. Known as “the city that never stops,” Tel Aviv is quickly becoming as popular as Barcelona, London and Berlin for club-goers and avid travellers. Funk, house, pop, techno and everything in between is played at clubs, which usually open at 1am and don’t close until 7am. The 10-day Tel Aviv White City Music Festival also kicks off from 1 May, featuring everything from jazz to Balkan Beat. So get ready to laze at the beach all day and party from dawn until dusk in this nocturnal city.

Long haul: Puebla, Mexico

In Mexico, 5 May or Cinco de Mayo (sometimes referred to as “drinko de mayo”) is a holiday that calls for celebration. While people take part in festivities all over Mexico , the city of Puebla is renowned for the biggest fiestas because it is where the battle of 1862 – in which Mexican troops defeated French forces – took place. Each year, the city holds a civic parade, a re-enactment and other festivities. This year, the city will also host the first International Mole Festival between 2-3 May, which will feature exhibitions and tastings of the beloved spicy sweet sauce from Mexico.

For the beach bum…..

Short haul: Corsica 

Corsica beachCheck out Corsica's uncrowded beaches
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French culture meets Italian sun on the island of Corsica. With 1,000 km (600 miles) of coastline and about 200 beaches, the island is more than a getaway: it’s paradise. Dig your toes into the white and golden sand beaches or collect multi-coloured, sea-moulded stones on the pebbly beaches. You may even stumble upon a hidden cove or two while exploring the areas by foot. In the La Balagne region, gawk at the glimmering ocean water - some of the clearest on the island – at Calvi beach and then grab a bite to eat at Algajola, one of the longest and sandiest beaches in the area that is close to a village and numerous restaurants. For a less crowded beach, head toward beaches in Le Nebbio and Cap Corse. May is perfect because you avoid both the dry summer and wet winter.

Long haul: Marathon, Florida Keys

While the Florida Keys are more notorious for its coral reefs than its sandy shores, the island of Marathon is home to several beaches that make relaxation easy. For a day of fun, head to Sombrero Beach, which has amenities like picnic space and a roped off swimming area. If you’re tired of lazing, go boating, snorkelling or diving in the glistening turquoise waters of the Atlantic Ocean. For a more serene beach experience, travel to Coco Plum Beach, known for its clean shores and quiet atmosphere.

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