Relax on Costa Rica's beautiful beaches

We’ve found the perfect destinations for your March getaway whether you’re looking to lounge on an exotic beach, wander through museums, or strap on some snow boots.

For beach bums…

Short Haul: Agadir, Morocco

If you’re looking for a resort set in an urban landscape then head to Agadir, 250km (155 miles) southwest of Marrakech. Boasting 100km (62 miles) of sand along the Atlantic, this port city offers plenty of space for daytime lounging and evening strolls.

Agadir, Morocco Sunbathe on the sands of bustling Agadir
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Turn your stay into a wellness retreat by spending time at a traditional hammam or a spa - the Sofitel Agadir Thalassa offer thalassotherapy (seawater and seaweed treatments). If you want to get off the beaten path, then check out the small, Mediterranean city of Al Hoceima, which is known for picturesque hills of olive groves and cliffs that tower over sandy beaches and clear waters. Best of all? Al Hoceima will be all yours in March as visitors tend to flock to its beaches in the summer.

Long Haul: Costa Rica

There’s no better time to visit Costa Rica than in March, when temperatures are high with little humidity and the weather is dry throughout the entire country. Head for the Guanacaste region in northern Costa Rica where  beach bums will find pristine Pacific beaches. If you love water sports then use the Gulf of Papagayo as your base to visit nearby Guanacastean beaches. Try Nacascolo, a small beach tucked away in a bay that is perfect for sunbathing and diving into its calm waters. Playa Potrero is abundant in animal and plant species, perfect for the beach-lover who wants to be in touch with nature. For a unique beach experience, spend time at the remote Playa Negra on the Caribbean coast, where the sand is black due to high levels of magnesium. However, it’s not for everyone – to get there, visitors must travel along the dirt roads to Playa Negra via 4x4.

For culture seekers…

Short Haul: Jerusalem, Israel 

Jerusalem Holy SepulchreMarch is a great time to visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre
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History buffs will be pleasantly overwhelmed by Jerusalem, a city that serves as the crossroads of three major religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Late March marks the holiest week in Christianity from Palm Sunday on 24 March to Easter Sunday on 31 March.  Jerusalem is the only place to experience the actual sites of this holy week, with the Palm Sunday Walk on the Mount of Olives, and the Easter Parade, during which thousands retrace the steps of Jesus Christ to his crucifixion at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in the Old City. Devote a day to the must-see Old City, which is divided into four quarters: Jewish, Christian, Arab and Armenian.  Take in the emotions at the Western (Wailing) Wall in the Jewish section and visit the tomb of Jesus Christ in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Treat yourself at the crammed Arab souks or pick up an exquisitely painted dish in the Armenian quarter.

Long Haul: Dallas, USA

Art and history enthusiasts won’t be disappointed by the modern and historic charms of Dallas. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in the city. Pay your respects at the JFK Memorial at the Dallas County Historical Plaza before going back in time to November 22, 1963 at The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, the site from where the fatal shot was fired.

Dallas at night Check out the vibrant arts scene in Dallas
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After your foray into Dallas’ history, venture to an area that celebrates its present – the Dallas Arts District. Art-lovers will drool as it's the largest arts district in the nation, covering 19 blocks. The 4 hectare (10 acre) Dallas Centre for the Performing Arts showcases Broadway performances, opera and ballet whilst at The Dallas Museum of Art, visitors can experience live jazz on Thursdays when it stays open to 2100.

For adventure lovers…

Short Haul: Switzerland

If you just can’t get enough of frosty temperatures and snow, a late season ski holiday to Switzerland is still possible in March. Spend your holiday at the car-free resort of Zermatt nestled below the Matterhorn in the Southern Alps, where you can enjoy sky-high altitudes and fresh Swiss air as you whizz down the slopes.

Zermatt skiBrave the slopes in Zermatt
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Don't fancy skiing? Try other activities such as snowboarding, tobogganing and snowshoe hiking. And if you’re ready to put your snow boots in storage then opt for a scenic hiking getaway. Head west to the Lugano region, where from March onwards you can map out a 9km (6 miles), three hour trail along Lake Lugano, from Monte San Salvatore to Morcote, encountering lush forests of chestnut trees and 360 panoramic views along the way.

Long Haul: Colombia

Colombia jungle Explore Colombia's breathtaking jungles
Creative Commons / William Neuheisel

Colombia is brimming with land and water adventures. You can hike through the jungle at destinations such as the Ciudad Perdida, or explore the mountainous Zona Cafetera where coffee crops grow. Head for Cartagena de Indias on the Caribbean coast for nearby diving sites at Islas del Rosario, Bancos de Salmedina and Bajo Burburjas. You can also windsurf and sail on the azure Caribbean waters, known as the Colombian Depression. Whatever you do, don’t miss out on a diving excursion to the Colombian Pacific coast where 70% of marine life in the tropical eastern Pacific lives in the nation’s waters. Marvel at the extreme biodiversity in the waters off Malpelo Island where divers can see species such as hammerhead and silky sharks, eels and huge schools of fish.  

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