Mountain biking amidst the spectacular red rocks of Utah is a real thrill

Longing to escape the stress of the workplace and fly off for a well-earned early summer break this June? Whether you are looking for an adrenaline-filled adventure holiday, the opportunity to relax and unwind on a near-deserted beach, or a chance to fill yourself up with culture, World Travel Guide has the right breaks for you.

For the adventurer or adrenaline seeker….

Short haul: Scuol, Switzerland

White water rafting ScuolWhite water rafting offers immense thrills and excitement
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Switzerland is an ideal destination for those with a taste for adventure and the great outdoors. Boasting snow-capped and expansive mountain ranges, turquoise blue lakes and mile upon mile of greenery, the Alpine nation appears as though it was invented with the adventurer in mind.

The tiny town of Scuol, in the far eastern part of the country, is one of the best places to enjoy the Swiss outdoors, and to indulge in a spot of white water rafting on the River Inn. This river is probably not for beginners; it is one of Europe’s most challenging rivers to navigate. The journey begins gently, but the gradient quickly increases and soon the river is thundering and foaming against the rocks as its course becomes narrower and deeper. Expect challenge drops and gorges; this is not for the faint-hearted.

After your rafting adventures, relax by taking a dip in the healing waters of the local thermal baths. Scuol is truly one of Europe’s hidden gems, and one that adventurers will want to keep a relative secret for many years to come.

Long haul: Moab, Utah, USA

Hummer Moab UtahEnjoy a hair-raising Hummer tour in Moab, Utah
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The small city of Moab in the eastern part of Utah has built a reputation as an adventurer/adrenaline junkie’s paradise. Surrounded by breathtaking red rock scenery and two stunning national parks (including the incomparable Arches), Moab not only presents incredible opportunities to hike but also the chance to take part in a real variety of daredevil activities and pursuits.

For both seasoned and inexperienced adventurers, these include kayaking in the magnificent Colorado River, mountain biking across dramatic red rocks, clambering up stunning rock formations, canyoneering down to the spectacular Ephedra’s Grotto,  horseback riding and hot air ballooning.

The Hummer tours are also highly recommended. Driven by professional guides, these powerful 4-wheel drive vehicles are able to scale impossibly high rock formations, resulting in awe-inspiring, unforgettable views of the Moab backcountry, particularly at sunset. There are a number of different companies that offer Hummer tours, including the Moab Adventure Center, High Point Hummer & ATV and Moab Tour Company.

For the culture vulture….

Short haul: Warsaw, Poland

Castle Square WarsawWarsaw remains picturesque despite its turbulent history
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Much has been written about Poland’s capital city being painstakingly rebuilt after it was virtually destroyed during WWII. But despite its relatively recent reconstruction and its emergence as a modern European city, Warsaw is still an important and fascinating city both culturally and historically.

There are plenty of things to see and do in Warsaw; from walking and exploring the cobbled streets in the historic and beautiful Old Town, to observing the Parlour where the famous composer Frederic Chopin once lived, taking time to reflect at the memorials in the notorious Jewish Ghetto, and viewing the city's panorama from the top of the Soviet-built Palace of Culture and Science.

For history buffs, the Warsaw Uprising Museum is a good way to spend a few hours, providing a fascinating insight into the revolt, as well as documenting life in Warsaw after the Soviet takeover.

Long haul: Washington DC, USA

Lincoln Memorial at nightThe Lincoln memorial looks particularly impressive at night
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June is a wonderful time of the year to make the trip to Washington DC. From imposing and inspiring memorials and monuments, to world class museums and exhibitions, the home of the country’s federal government has it all for those seeking a premier cultural experience.

Among its many landmarks, the Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Thomas Jefferson memorials are perhaps the most memorable. But the Lincoln Memorial takes some beating for both its grandiosity and historical importance. The memorial looks particularly impressive at night, when lit up.

Visitors to Washington are often keen to catch a glimpse of the political seats of power, namely the home of the President, the White House, and the home of the Senate and House of Representatives, the US Capitol Building. Other highlights of a visit to DC should include visiting The Washington Monument, The International Spy Museum, the National World War II Memorial, the National Air and Space Museum and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

For the beach bum….

Short haul: Menorca, Spain

Menorca beach Cala MacarelletaCala Macarelleta beach boasts golden sand and turquoise blue waters
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Menorca is less developed and much quieter than its rowdier Balearic neighbours Ibiza and Mallorca or mainland Spain, and much of its appeal lies in this tranquillity and lack of commercialism. Beach-lovers will be drawn to Menorca’s coastline famed for its Caribbean-like, talcum-white coves. Cala Turqueta, on the southern side of Menorca about 10km(6 miles) from the town of Ciutadella, is particularly alluring, thanks to the gorgeous turquoise waters from which its name is inspired.

Long haul: Aruba

Eagle Beach ArubaRelax and enjoy the tranquility on Aruba's Eagle beach
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Aruba boasts some of the finest beaches in the Caribbean. With soft sand that soothes your feet as you walk, crystal clear waters full of colourful, exotic fish and awe-inspiring sunsets and sunrises, Aruba is as near to paradise on earth as it is possible to be. Best of all, the island lies outside of the hurricane belt that threatens other parts of the Caribbean in June.

The beaches are uniformly beautiful here, but the pinnacle is arguably the award-winning stretches known as Palm and Eagle beaches, on the north western side of this welcoming and laid back island. Palm Beach, which is located around 17km (11miles) north of the capital Oranjestad, can sometimes be overcrowded, but is the best place for watersports. Keen surfers should head to the northeast side of the country where the best swells can be found. Those looking to relax may prefer the sandy expanse of Eagle Beach, 20km (12 miles) north of Oranjestad.

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